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ETRA Activities

  • For ETRA’s plan of activities for 2015 press here.
  • The ETRA organised an invited Session at the TRA 2014 Conference, on Education and Training in the Transport sector-Paris, April 17th. Most recent outline of the Invited Session organised by ETRA in TRA 2014.
  • ETRA 2nd Plenary meeting – took place in Brussels on December 11th, 2013 (AGENDA).
  • October 10th, 2013, ETRA organized a one day Conference on Research Infrastructures in Brussels 
  • The ETRA was presented at various occasions during the Annual Meeting (and Conference) of the US Transportation Research Board in Washington DC 12-16 January 2013. More specifically at the:
    • International Reception, Sunday, January 13.
    • Session 329 on International Research Collaboration and Coordination, Monday, January 14.
    • International Activities Committee of the TRB, Sunday, January 13.
    • TRB Executive Committee, Wednesday, January 16.

Activities of ETRA Partners

  • FERSI organizes in November 2014, a Conference on “Ageing and Safe Mobility” as a joint event of major European networks involved in road transport research. ETRA is a “supporting organization”. The Conference will have 4 main sections/workshops:

    1.     Human Factors

    2.     Infrastructure

    3.     Vehicle Engineering

    4.     Traffic Management System

    For more info contact Mr. H. Schulse (FERSI President) at:  The German Federal Highway Research Institute - Bast, Brüderstrasse 53, 51427 Bergisch Gladbach, Tel: + 49 (0) 2204-43 400, e-mail:

  • The partner of ETRA, the HUMANIST VCE organised its Sixth Summer School on the theme of Intelligent Transport Systems: Human Centred Design for Safe and Eco-Mobility on 4 and 5 July 2013 in Salon de Provence, France.
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  • The ETRA partner FEHRL, organized the FIRM13, the Road Infrastructure Innovation Expo.  on 4-6th June 2013 at the Diamant Centre in Brussels, Belgium.  Join FEHRL President Joris Al of Rijkswaterstaat, MEP Professor Boguslaw Liberadzki, Michael Trentacoste of the USA's Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Dr. Rudolf W. Strohmeier of EC DG RTD, Paul Verhoef of DG MOVE and Manfred Bonn of the German Transport Ministry, all spoke at the plenary session of FIRM13 More info at