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ETRA Objectives

The core objective of the Alliance is to provide a “platform” through which the transport research providing Organisations in Europe can work together on topics of mutual interest and to coordinate their efforts towards EU’s policies for the full realisation of ERA (European Research Area) in the field of Transport (ERA-T).

In fulfilling this main objective of its creation, the ETRA will be working towards the following areas (by way of priority):

  1. Providing a structure for the interchange of knowledge and making joint efforts to fester research results through to their full implementation,
  2. Promoting the setting of joint transport research priorities and coordinating research programmes and initiatives throughout Europe,
  3. Promoting cooperation in all relevant areas - starting with its partner Organisations and, where possible, developing cross-modal and interdisciplinary joint research activities (including the materialization of the new form of cooperative research efforts, the Joint Research Initiatives JRIs),
  4. Preparing common position papers on key transport related issues for added value to the transport users and the community as a whole,
  5. Joint strengthening of (transport) research expertise, research infrastructures and mobility of researchers through specific joint actions and initiatives at European level as well as internationally,
  6. Promoting international cooperation in the field of Transport and the uptake of European transport expertise and innovation internationally and vice versa.