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European Transport
Research Alliance

ETRA identity and scope

The European Transport Research Alliance - ETRA, was officially launched on Thursday, 20th September 2012, in Brussels. In the launching ceremony, the presidents of the five European research Associations in the field of Transport, who were the founding partners, signed the documents creating the Alliance.

The creation of the Alliance is the culmination of a process that started with the “Lyon Declaration” of 2008 which declared the will of the transport research community of Europe to cooperate in order to promote and materialize a more unified and cooperative transport research sector in Europe. Subsequently, the necessary preparatory work was done under an EU-funded project called DETRA (Developing the European Transport Research Alliance), coordinated by FEHRL. The creation of the ETRA was the result of all this preparatory work.

The main purpose and scope of ETRA is to help bring about more cooperation and synergies between the different European transport research stakeholders and to enhance the integration process, in the field of European transport research, that is a necessary pre-requisite for the materialization of the vision of the EU for a “unified” research space across the whole of Europe, known as the European Research Area – ERA.

The main value-added of the ETRA initiative – for the EU in general and its partners as well - is the synergies that can be accrued from such “horizontal” cooperation leaving more room for the more “vertical” work pursued by each of the ETRA partners in their own specific areas of focus. For the European Commission, the work and the presence of ETRA means a bottom up support of their policies towards the achievement of the ERA in the field of Transport i.e. the ERA–T.


  • ETRA Workshop on “Transport & Climate Change: European Researchers act” , Paris Monday 6th July, 2015:  This Workshop (co-organised with the French Transport Research Institute IFSTTAR) was successfully organized as a one-day event within the CFCC 2015 "Our Common Future under Climate Change" International Scientific Conference that took  place that same week in Paris  ( There will be an ETRA report with the main presentations, discussions and findings of this workshop (expected publication: January 2016). For the programme of this workshop press here. For the presentations press here. FOR THE FINAL WORKSHOP REPORT press here.

  • ETRA supported its application to become a member of the TRA Conference Management Committee during its meeting of 7th July 2015 in Warsaw. The  main argument of ETRA in its application was its status as a representative Organisation of the European Transport Research providers on the basis of its partner Associations’ membership.  The TRA Management Committee has consequently decided to accept ETRA as an observer until further decisions are made on ETRA’s status at a later stage. The ETRA management welcomes this decision and pledges to work constructively in supporting this Conference both within its top Managing body (i.e. the Management Committee) as well as in its other organs.
  • ΕΤΡΑ meets with EC officials. On  9th July 2015 the ETRA representatives and heads of its partner Associations met with the EC Directors Ms  Manuela Soares, Director Transport Research DG R&I, and Ms  Magda Kopczynska, Research Director DG M&T. The discussion involved an exchange of views on the future needs for transport research within the H2020 programme, information on current ETRA activities as well as on its 5 partner Associations and other issues of common interest.

For ETRA related photos please click here and videos here.

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